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At Evolve Psychiatry, we understand that mental health and addiction issues can cause more difficulties in life without proper treatment. While people may seek treatment for depression or anxiety, drinking or drug consumption may be fueling those issues. Thus, treating one issue only allows the other to continue running rampant in a person’s life. Thus, we offer treatment for both mental health and addiction issues.

We understand that it can be difficult to seek treatment when struggling with addiction or mental health issues. However, we provide the various levels of treatment for a variety of disorders that patients need. The first step is to call our practice and seek treatment.

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Our Team

At Evolve Psychiatry, our team will develop a customized treatment to the needs of the individual that starts with a psychiatric evaluation. Under the direction of Priyadarshan Bajpayi, M.D. and Binu Chacko, M.D., we will take the time to truly understand a patient’s condition. This way, our team can personalize the treatment. From the moment patients walk in the door to the aftercare, we will continue to offer patients treatment and support. Most importantly, our treatment helps patents learn how to live free of the substance or mental illnesses that were plaguing their lives.

Our Services

Our services range from psychotherapy and adolescent/adult psychiatry to opioid/drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment. We understand that seeking treatment can be the difficult first step toward a better lifestyle and we are here to help patients make that first step and then some. We strive to help patients continue on the path toward a better and healthier lifestyle after the initial treatment. We also offer depression therapy, smoking cessation, insomnia treatment, OCD treatment, ADHD treatment, drug addiction treatment and more. Through our evaluation and assessment of a patient, we will help to customize it to the patient’s needs.

Patient Information

In order to develop an effective treatment plan for the patient, we will need to gather information on the patient’s medical history, any past treatment attempts for the specific condition, the patient’s current condition, insurance information and any other pertinent information. Once we gather this information and conduct an evaluation, we will be able to determine an effective treatment plan. We create a comfortable environment in which patients can relax and continue their treatment in peace. If a patient has any questions about the process or our various forms of treatment, then feel free to give us a call today.