Schedule an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Before Going Back to School

Posted on: July 16, 2018

If you are ready your partying days to end, it is time to schedule an alcohol addiction treatment. If you are a student looking at getting back to classes this fall or spring, now is the right time to start the treatment. We help many college students to get sober and stay sober. By doing so, we help our patients to improve their life and their school performance.

Alcohol can get in the way of succeeding in college

College is not easy. The stress of going to classes and trying to earn high grades can overwhelm for some, and this often leads to drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism. College students who start with a beer or two around finals may find that they drink every day and that the quantities increase throughout their collegiate career.

This is unhealthy and can be dangerous. When the addiction becomes so bad that a student stops showing up for classes, misses assignments or exams, it is time to seek help. Failing to do so can lead to failing out of college.

It is important to make changes

For alcohol addiction treatment to work, a student must be willing to change their behaviors and their associations. It may be necessary to do things like:

  • Leave a sorority or fraternity
  • Find a living situation that is more calm and quiet
  • Stop associating with certain people
  • Choose classes that are more enjoyable
  • Avoid stressful topics
  • Begin an exercise routine
  • Establish better sleep patterns

Making these healthy choices also make it easier to choose sobriety after getting sober the first place. We offer therapy sessions that can help students struggling with addiction to identify the things that are making the addiction possible and identifying ways to avoid making similar choices in the future.

Our alcohol addiction treatment involves taking medication

For many students, the withdrawal symptoms associated with not drinking may be severe enough to lead them right back to the bottle. We get it. The withdrawal symptoms can be brutal. Anyone who has watched a friend go through it may have zero interest in doing it themselves. Anyone who has tried and failed because of how bad the symptoms are may feel that they can never stop drinking. Fortunately, this is not the case because we can help.

We can prescribe a medication that will help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms or eliminate them completely. This allows students to break their alcohol addiction in a way that is different from what they might imagine or what they have seen other friends go through.

The process is relatively simple. From a physical perspective, our patients feel relatively normal and good. This allows for the first step toward breaking the addiction to be taken without a lot of stress. Then, attention can be placed on ways to remain sober going forward. Ultimately, that is the biggest battle; therefore, it is best to place focused attention and effort on that stage.

Start the school year right by visiting us for help

We encourage any college student to visit us for help to break his or her addiction. Parents are also welcome to call us to ask questions or to schedule an appointment. Our alcohol addiction treatment is effective, safe, discrete and the ideal way for students to stop drinking and get back to studying.